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"Knowledge is power"


Maya's massage therapy training began back in 2006 by completing a massage therapy course in Europe. Later in 2013 she graduated from the European Massage Therapy School in Skokie, IL. As of September 2013 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist for the Illinois state*. In 2016 she decided to upgrade her career to a higher level and completes a Corrective exercise training at National Academy of Sports Medicine. She specializes in Sports, Medical massage, Trigger point therapies, as well as joint mobilization techniques, PNF Stretching and Thai stretching thechniques. Over the years she has always been interested in human health and body's own abilities to heal itself. Therefore, during her massage therapy practice she developed a number of techniques for those suffering from muscular pain, sports injuries and stress-related issues by combining knowledge, skills and art.

As a massage therapist, Maya believes that the healing process does not happen immediately but it takes time and works from inside out. Therefore, for Maya is extremely important to create a welcoming, relaxing and comfortable environment for her clients/patients even in the comfort of their homes. As a therapist, Maya knows that different people have different sense of touch. That is why, her therapies begin with individual assessment and each treatment is specifically tailored according to each patient's needs.

Very often Maya's patients say that she has got "magic hands" in terms of massage therapy because she is able to identify soft tissue problems, work on them, as well as lengthen and stretch short muscles, and improve  joint range of motion by alleviating pain. Last but not least, massage is not only about skillful hands and sense of touch but also about positive energy, great personality and excellent customer service. Maya's massages affect the body on 3 levels: physical (decreasing muscle tension), chemical (increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin and decreasing the level od cortisol, the stress-related hormone), and emotional (increasing the sense of overall well-being and deep relaxation).

Maya loves what she does because her greatest reward is to assist her patients through their healing process and see them free of pain. What Maya would appreciate the most is your feedback. That is the only way she could improve serving you on a daily basis. Maya also loves to work with people from all ages.

Maya's is dedicated to holistic healthy living, and natural remedies. She is guided by Hippocrates' wise quote:"let the food be the medicine, and medicine be the food."  One of the most symbolic words for her is "natural". That is why, one of her favorite mottos is by Frank Lloid Wright "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

She believes that in order for us to feel and look good, we should stay in close relationship with nature, exercise and provide our bodies with proper nutrition. In order to stay in good health, active way of living is a must. It promotes optimal immune function and in combination with proper nutrition, it leads to great results in real life.

Maya loves any cuisine as long as is healthy and she is a big fan of sports activities like biking, running, volleyball, skiing etc. Positive outlook and living in balance are part of her nature. So no matter what, at the end of day "life is beautiful".



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